“What Is a Woman?” documentary

Here's is a summary of what you can expect from the film "What is a woman?" featuring Matt Walsh.

After some initial pushback from Twitter, DailyWire was able to run the Matt Walsh film “What Is a Woman?” for 24 hours for free on Twitter. They actually extended it through the weekend and I’ve just finished watching it.

SPOILER: apparently no one can actually answer this question (What is a woman?) until the very, very end of the film and it’s the most common sense answer you would expect.

MY TAKE: Matt Walsh is remarkably neutral and even-keeled throughout the film. Sure, you would think this is a necessary characteristic of someone creating a documentary, especially one about a highly controversial hot topic. But I’m simply floored at how calm and neutral his demeanor is, even in the face of utter insanity. It’s rather interesting to see how certain interviewees respond to him, calling him names and rushing off the set in a huff after abruptly ending the interview. They accuse him of being hostile when he’s clearly about as neutral and calm as a person could get–far more than I’m sure I would be if I were in the same situations.

WUT?! Prior to watching the film today, I had seen a few clips and many references and comments about the film on social media. However, what was perhaps the most alarming phrase of the entire film, was something I had not seen or heard anywhere. It happens in the first third of the film, when Matt Walsh interviews Dr. Marci L. Bowers, a prominent gender reassignment surgeon in San Francisco, CA. She is talking about how a surgically constructed vagina operates just as well as the real thing, but then adds casually, “well, almost. It’s a bit of a Faustian bargain.”

Hello, what? Sex change surgery is a Faustian bargain!? Did the doctor literally just admit that on film?

Now, if you don’t know what a “Faustian bargain” refers to, you are going to want to stop and look that up right now. Don’t worry you won’t see anything graphic, but the definition may just surprise you. Feeling lazy? I got you: Here’s a link to the Britannica definition.

OVERVIEW: The first half of the film is comical, in my opinion. It demonstrates the ludicrousness of the world today with regards to this particular question.

The second half of the film is dark and serious, and if it doesn’t upset you, or at least make you question what is really happening, then I suspect you have no soul whatsoever.

Throughout the film, Matt Walsh interviews a variety of individuals in the gender ideology field, including physicians, pediatricians, mental health professionals, a university professor, and some pedestrians on the street. The hard-to-find-online clip (which CBS and Hulu have since scrubbed) of Matt Walsh appearing on Dr. Phil is also included near the end of the film.

Is the film appropriate for kids? I would say yes EXCEPT for 2 caveats.

1. There is one scene (at about 41 minutes in) where Matt attends a Women’s March to ask people his burning question (the film’s title), and in that scene there are posters depicting rather graphic vaginal art and F bombs plus other background things you likely wouldn’t want your children to see.

2. The slang word for penis (d***) is used a few times throughout the film.

Have you seen this film? What were your thoughts about it?

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