Ever heard of the IFES?

I hadn’t, until this morning. A friend sent me an article and I was curious about some of the sources referenced in the article, so I did a little digging, and you know how this goes, right? When we follow the money, down and down and down the rabbit hole we go. Here’s what I found out.

But first – why does it matter? Because from what I’ve read, it would appear that the forces at work to undermine our U.S. Elections and cover their tracks with public narrative are at work to do the same thing across the globe. Also – American tax dollars are helping to fund this, so you might as well know where your money is going (at least, the part that hasn’t already been sent to Ukraine).

The IFES is the International Foundation for Electoral Systems.

(Because why leave elections up to individual countries to manage? That’s not how you roll out one global government for total and complete control. Go global or go home!…all in the name of equity and inclusion)

IFES claims to be a non-partisan organization, but a quick overview of their donors and partners shows it’s far left-leaning.

Essentially, this organization claims to exist to support new and developing democracies to, well, protect democracy from “threats to our democracy.” Here’s an overview of their 4 strategic outcomes for 2020-2024, tell me if any of these sound familiar:

  1. Trusted electoral institutions deliver credible elections.
    • Unfortunately, the objectives under this don’t say anything about transparency of government, full citizen participation in elections, transparency in election audits, or actually doing anything that would make an electoral institution worthy of public trust. Rather, the focus is on GETTING the public to buy into the “gold standard” of the election.
    • This is to ensure “Outcomes accepted by voters and peaceful transfers of power”
    • Sounds a bit chilling, given what we’ve seen in the U.S. since November 3, 2020, doesn’t it?
  2. Effective governing institutions are accountable to the people they serve.
    • Here’s another one that sounds good on the surface. Except who do they serve? The citizens or the puppet masters?
    • “IFES will also innovate approaches to preserving electoral integrity, security and rule of law in conflict situations.” The word “innovate” is the red flag here. “Innovate” and “modernize” are the words that brought us the HAVA act in 2002, which rolled in the use of electronic voting machines after the “hanging chads” debacle during Bush v. Gore in 2000. Those are the same words being used to push ranked choice voting and “preferred voting” (a euphemism for ranked choice voting). When you hear or see the word “innovate” in relation to elections, know that this is a threat to our democracy constitutional republic.
    • “Global and regional peer networks of judges and election commissioners.” See the push toward global government? In the U.S., corrupt states are rolling up election control away from local precincts and counties and instead granting more power to Secretaries of State. The next step will be federalized elections. Now you see how there are organizations committed to “helping developing democracies collaborate and share information” but really with the ultimate goal of one world government.
  3. All people safely participate in civic and political life on an equal basis.
    • In other words, socialism.
    • “IFES will further its award-winning inclusion programming by exploring new approaches to the political inclusion of youth and displaced people.” Earlier in the document quoted here, it explains that displaced people are non-citizens who have left their home country “due to political unrest or climate change.” So we can see here the IFES’ goal is to indoctrinate the youth pushing them to fight to lower the voting age, and let non-citizens vote. That’s what they mean here by “inclusion.”
    • What do you think this statement means? “Promoting peaceful participation through conflict mediation and mitigation activities.” Armed military present during voting is what comes to mind, but perhaps this means something else? “Voter intimidation” is mentioned throughout the source document.
  4. Technology, information and data positively serve elections and democracy.
    • “Adapting technology to advance — not degrade — democracy and elections is both a universal responsibility and complex challenge.” LOL. Because that’s what elections have been missing, not enough technology.
    • “Delivering technology and information integrity solutions for civic engagement and electoral management” – in other words, bringing electronic voting machines to developing countries. Sure, that’ll increase trust in their elections.
    • “Working with electoral stakeholders to counter hate speech and use social media to promote tolerance, accessibility and inclusivity” – Does this sound familiar, America? Censorship in the name of inclusion. Do we need to mail out copies of the book 1984 to these developing nations, or what?
    • “developing cybersecurity and disinformation toolkits” – because, gotta keep that narrative going no matter what!

So that’s the chilling discovery I made while on a hunt for “who funds them.” So you might be wondering, who is funding all this international travel and global takeover of elections? You could probably guess, but I’ll list some of them anyway:

  • U.S. Department of State
  • U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • the U.N. (United Nations Development Programme UNDP)
  • Google
  • Meta (Facebook)
  • Microsoft
  • George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

Well, I’m sure Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are just generously donating funds without at all wanting to influence anything in other countries’ elections, right? Because that would be wrong, so I’m sure they wouldn’t do that.

BTW – guess where the International Foundation for Electoral Systems is headquartered?

In the USA, naturally: Arlington, Virginia.

The more you know!

Rabbit hole breadcrumbs:

In case you’re curious, this all started with a friend asking, “Do other countries have mail-in ballots for their elections?” To which another friend responded with this article here: Click here for article. From prior research, I already knew that Pew Charitable Trusts (which Pew Research is a subsidiary of) is a big contributor to George Soros’ Open Society Institute (see this link, page 2) which of course has the mission to implement the New World Order. Point #3 in that article (the point that talks about postal ballots) claims that 40 countries “used postal ballots” prior to 2020, but doesn’t specify whether that meant all voters could mail back their ballots, or whether only absentee ballots were sent by mail, or whether the country had universal mail in ballots. So that prompted me to click the source they referenced, which took me here: Click here for source. This is a data collection study conducted by Harvard University, called “Perceptions of Electoral Integrity.” Naturally, I was curious who funded the study, so I looked into who Harvard worked with on the study: Electoral Integrity Project, an organization that studies “why elections fail.” One of the donors (IFES) on that list caught my eye, so that’s what led me to look into IFES.

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