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JP Sears
You may have noticed that our entertainment options are shifting. The farther off the deep end the left goes, the more people crave something less, well, insane. Even comedy is shifting...

Last week, I posted about the debate over whether or not “songs are gonna help us fix this mess.” You may have noticed that our entertainment options are shifting. The farther off the deep end the Illuminati goes (outright and openly promoting Satan, trying to normalize pedophilia, and using ridiculous fear porn at every turn around every topic), the more people crave something less, well, insane.

It’s not just about truth-telling songs like “Trump Won (and you know it),” it’s a return to sanity and Christian principles. Look at the popularity of television shows like “The Chosen,” and films like, “Jesus Revolution.” My movie theater has been virtually empty for the past 3 years yet every time they roll out a new Christian conservative event, the place is packed. The societal hard push toward wokeness is giving rise to some unlikely leaders in the pursuit of the Great Awakening.

I’m not just talking about anonymous frog accounts showering social media with redpills. I’m talking about unlikely leaders, like comedian J.P. Sears. I’ve watched this guy for a number of years, because I love intelligent comedy –in fact, the only television show I watch reruns of is “Frasier.” BTW, did you know literally all the main characters have now bailed on the reboot except Kelsey Grammar, who played the Frasier Crane character first on “Cheers” and then on his wildly successful spinoff, “Frasier.”? Once again, the conservative stands alone.

But I digress. These past 3 years, it’s been truly inspiring to watch J.P. Sears transform his platform to bring light to current social insanity issues through comedy. His perspective is that if you use humor, it helps people be willing to listen and then start to think for themselves. In contrast, when you approach a polarizing topic with seriousness, people on “the opposite side” of your issue psychologically sort of shut down and don’t allow what you’re saying to them to really get through.

This is top of mind today, because the Epoch Times recently interviewed J.P. Sears as part of their “American Thought Leaders” series (“Is idiocracy the gateway drug that leads to communism?”). You can watch the interview here. What I find interesting is that while Sears had a good sized following before he made this shift, his numbers have absolutely exploded since. Last year he did a couple shows at a venue in deep blue DENVER of all places, and he sold out every show.

J.P. Sears is certainly not the first person to use comedy to shed light on polarizing topics. If you go back and watch some of George Carlin’s shows, you’ll see massive amounts of common sense delivered with a lot of humor (well, and profanity).

Whatever you think of Russell Brand, he’s waking people up with his podcast, and you might consider him another unlikely leader during this unusual time we’re living in. There are many other examples, such as Matt Walsh’s children’s book “Johnny the Walrus,” which is currently #4 in Political Commentary and #13 in Humor and has a 4.9 star average rating with 7,784 reviews! You might have seen Matt’s documentary from Daily Wire, called “What Is a Woman?”

OK so what’s the point?

The point is, God has granted specific talents for a specific purpose. I’m fairly certain that 10 years ago if someone told J.P. he was going to be a freedom warrior putting out comedy videos that get almost a million views each, while wearing t-shirts that range from satirical to evangelical to political, he would have thought they were nuts. Yet here we are.

I would have felt the same way if you had told me 10 years ago that I would put a successful spiritual healing business on pause so that I could use the speed reading technique I learned when I started grad school, to swiftly consume and organize court transcripts, U.S. election vendor contracts, Executive Orders, state statutes, DOJ reports, and tons of other stuff I wouldn’t have touched with a 10 foot pole back then.

God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. And we’re seeing all sorts of evidence of this as more and more people wake up and resist the utterly insane narrative being forced down our throats.

What talent has God given you? How are you feeling called to use that talent right now? We were born for a time such as this, and it’s no accident that you are here. How can you contribute? If your answer is “I don’t know” then now would be an ideal time to pray for clarity and discernment. Because we need all hands on deck and no matter what talents God has given you, it’s needed in some way, somehow, right now.

You can find J.P. Sears’ comedy here on his YouTube channel Awaken with JP. Matt Walsh’s book “Johnny the Walrus” is available here: Matt Walsh book

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